Good Shepherd International School prepares students for successful adulthood in the 21st century by providing holistic education. The School has been declared the best international school in India for co-curricular activities, infrastructure and pastoral care.

Palada Campus

The 100-acre campus at Palada serves as the Senior Campus of the Good Shepherd International School. The following facilities are provided at the campus:


The school has a 9-hole Golf Course at the Annexe Hill of the Good Shepherd Knowledge Village in M. Palada exclusively for the use of the students of GSIS and GSFS. In the near future, it will be made into an 18-hole Golf Course.


The school has two heated swimming pools ‐ one in the Fernhill Campus and the other in the Palada Campus. The swimming pool in the Palada Campus has modern facilities that meet international standards. Scheduled swimming lessons are part of our co-curricular programme. Qualified staff impart training to the students and maintain the operational facilities.


The Palada Campus of 150 acres has a football stadium with a 400 metres, 8-lane track and a gallery for spectators. The school has several basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts and squash courts.


The Indoor Sports Complex and Gymnasium is located adjacent to the 400 metres track and football stadium. The Indoor Sports Complex houses basketball courts, badminton courts, table tennis tables and gymnasium.

The gymnasium is well furnished and has a wide variety of modern equipment. There are separate gymnasiums for boys and girls.


Well-balanced, wholesome and nutritious food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian in South Indian, North Indian, Jain and Continental cuisines is provided. Staff and students dine together at all meals in either the Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian Dining Hall from an eclectic menu that is devised on a daily basis, keeping in mind the requirements of taste and good health.

There is a diet table for students whose food intake needs to be monitored closely as also planned diets that meet the special needs of certain students based on the School Doctor’s or parental requests.

The food is prepared at the school kitchen using the indigenous meat and organic produce from the Shepherd’s Farm at Gudalur.


The dormitories are managed by wardens / matrons. The dormitories are neat, well-ventilated and provided with all amenities. Students are expected to make their beds, clean their cupboards and look after their belongings. The students are trained to adjust to all eventualities that life may throw up in dormitory living. Students are taught the rudiments of civic life wherein they learn co-operation and understanding, especially when they are exposed to people hailing from different communities, backgrounds and walks of life.

The laundry is taken care of by the School Dry Cleaning Unit housed in the Shepherd’s Farm in Gudalur.


The new academic building has 56 classrooms. Each room has adequate storage provisions for the entire class. The building is networked to provide adequate computers. In addition to regular classroom, the building has classrooms equipped with multimedia projectors, language rooms, science labs, computer labs, music and dance rooms, staff rooms, piano cubicles, Western and Indian music rooms and adequate toilet facilities for boys and girls. The building also has two audio-visual rooms with state-of-the art projection facilities,  with a seating capacity for 200 people each. The total area of the academic building is 44,000 sq ft.


The New Higher Secondary School Block, the first part of the second phase of expansion of the Palada Campus, is located in front of the current Academic Block B. This block has classrooms of the Higher Secondary School, IB library, Computer lab, Design Technology lab, language labs, Mathematics lab, Visual Arts lab, audio-visual theatres and an Examination Hall to conduct all Board Examinations. A covered bridge connects this building to the non-vegetarian dining hall and the high school block. Parking space for vehicles is provided on the terrace of this building.


A new co-curricular block has come up in the Palada Campus exclusively for co-curricular activities. The old Middle School block is renovated and converted in to a co-curricular block.


Stables to keep 30-40 horses, a training ring and a gallop ring have been constructed in the southern section of the campus. The area of the stables is 2000 sq ft.


Several Basketball courts, Volleyball courts, eight Tennis courts and four Badminton courts have been built in the open space between the buildings.


Four indoor Squash Courts meeting International Standards have been provided in the campus.


A lake of 300-meter length is provided using PVC lining, which is used to promote water sports.


All the latest safety precautions, including intrusion alarms and fire-fighting equipment have been provided. The school has also a fully equipped Fire Engine ready for duty.