This Examination is administered by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education has been designed as a Course of General Education and all candidates are required to for six subjects and SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work).

This Examination pre-supposes a school course of ten years duration.

Part One - Compulsory

Internal Examination or Internal Assessment

The Candidates for this examination should have satisfactorily completed courses in

  • A Third Language (from Class V to Class VIII)
  • Art
  • Socially useful productive work and community service
  • Physical Education
  • Education in Moral and Spiritual values

Socially Useful Productive work and Community Service will be internally evaluated

Note On the Second Language

  • Candidates of Indian Nationality must offer an Indian Language approved by the Council
  • Candidates of other Nationalities must offer either Hindi or French
  • The School has provision to teach the following as the Second Language Tamil, and Hindi only
  • All the Languages listed above, except French, are offered as the Third Language

Pass Certificate will be awarded to candidates who obtain pass standard in five subjects which must include the subject English.

A pass in the Second Language is compulsory to present the candidate for the Plus Two ISC Examination. A Pass Certificate and a statement of Mark will be issued to all successful candidates.

Note On the Third Language

The candidates who take up Hindi as a Second Language for the External Examination will have to take an Indian Language as the Third Language, approved by the Council.

The candidates who offer an Indian Language, other than Hindi, as the Second Language for the External Examination, will have to offer Hindi or any other Indian Language as the Third Language.

The Scheme of ICSE External Examination

The compulsory papers will be English, a second Language, History, Civics and Geography.

The Subjects under Group II and III are optional and the candidate has the option to choose three subjects from Group II alone or from III and taken together. Any combination is acceptable.

Pass certificate will be awarded to those candidates who have obtained Pass standard in Six subjects. There will be Project Work in all the subjects chosen and has a weightage of 20% for all the subjects i.e. English, Second Language, Environmental Education, History, Civics & Geography, Mathematics, Computer Applications, the Sciences and Commercial Studies.

The details are furnished below:

ICSE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations) (Class X)

Part Two

Subjects for the Examination at the end of Class X

Group I (Compulsory)
S.No Subject External Examination Internal Assessment
1. English 80% 20%
2. Second Language 80% 20%
3. History, Civics and Geography 80% 20%
Group II (Any TWO of the following subjects)
S.No Subject External Examination Internal Assessment
1. Mathematics 80% 20%
2. Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) 80% 20%
3. Economics 80% 20%
Group III (Any ONE of the following subjects)
S.No Subject External Examination Internal Assessment
1. Computer Applications 50% 50%
2. Art 50% 50%