GSIS Students Triumph at State Shooting Championship 2023!


GSIS Champions Shine at the 48th Tamil Nadu State Shooting Championship 2023 At Good Shepherd International School (GSIS), we take immense pride in fostering well-rounded individuals and nurturing their talents to excel in various fields. As a testament to our commitment to sports, our students have once again showcased their exceptional marksmanship at the prestigious […]

Carnival Day: Where Joy Takes Center Stage!


Carnival Day: A Spectacular Celebration of Joy and Unity Carnival Day, an eagerly anticipated event at GSIS, is a day of exhilaration and merriment, where the entire school community comes together to create lasting memories. This vibrant celebration is a testament to the spirit of unity, creativity, and joy that defines our school’s ethos. With […]

GSIS to Host TEDx Event on Sustainability


GSIS to Host the Second Edition of TEDx in September This Year We are pleased to announce that GSIS will be hosting its second TEDx event on September 23, 2023. TEDx@GSIS, a student-led event, serves as a platform for brilliant speakers from diverse backgrounds to present their innovative, ground-breaking ideas – Ideas Worth Sharing. This […]