About Ooty

Good Shepherd International School is located in Ooty or Ootacamund, a timeless treasure trove of beauty with plenty of surprises awaiting you at every turn. Cocooned in the picturesque Nilgiri Mountains, located at the tri-junction of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, at an altitude of over 7,300 feet above sea level, Ooty is one of the top-rated tourist destinations in India. Ooty woos visitors throughout the year with its spectacular sightseeing spots, diverse vegetation, winding country lanes, vast tea gardens, magnificent churches and charming colonial architecture. This enchanting hill station is a favourite among food connoisseurs and tea lovers. Due to its pleasant weather and natural beauty, Ooty is also home to some of the country’s most reputed boarding schools.

The best time to visit Ooty is between April and June when the average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius or September and October when the weather is cooler, with more rain showers.

A peek into Ooty’s history

Ooty, the gem of the Nilgiris, was originally the land of the indigenous tribal communities namely; Todas, Kotas, Badagas, Irulas and Kurumbas, the early settlers of the region since 1117 A.D. However, it was John Sullivan, the Collector of Coimbatore who discovered this beautiful hill station during his six-day exploration of the Nilgiris with his team of European and Indian sepoys in 1819.