Food & Nutrition

At GSIS, we provide a range of well-balanced, wholesome and nutritious meals that are prepared using fresh produce from our farm. The School has three separate kitchens and dining halls catering to vegetarians, non-vegetarians and Jains. Our multi-cuisine menu features Indian, Asian, Continental, Lebanese, and Italian meals and dishes to cater to students from all around the world. 

Most of our spices, sauces, and gravies are prepared in-house. We also regularly conduct food festivals, outdoor cookouts and barbecues on various occasions.

Take a look at our weekly menus

The Food Committee at the School regularly meets with the head chef to discuss new dishes and regular changes to the menu, while also enforcing hygiene standards. The staff members and students dine together.

In-house Farm and Bakery

All vegetables used in our meals are grown organically and chickens are raised at the school farm. To encourage consumption of home-grown vegetables, students spend a significant time learning farming activities at the school.

We have one bakery and confectionery which prepares different types of breads, cookies, snacks, cakes, chocolates and other desserts.

Note From The Head Chef

Our Executive Head Chef Suraj Khati crafts cuisines from different parts of the globe to ensure that every student and staff member gets something of their choice. 

The menu has a variety of dishes with nutrition as the first priority. The school has acres of land cultivating vegetables organically and we ensure that we use more of these vegetables on a daily basis.The menu is planned in such a way that students get the taste of home food and variety of a fine dining restaurant with high standards of quality and nutrition value.           

However, we have to keep up with the changing tastes as food industries are growing manifold with new discoveries. My vision towards the culinary world is to educate each and every person about how important food and nutrition is in our daily life. I like to bring the cuisine from around the world to their plates, keeping tradition and authenticity intact.