GSIS Students Triumph at State Shooting Championship 2023!

GSIS Champions Shine at the 48th Tamil Nadu State Shooting Championship 2023

At Good Shepherd International School (GSIS), we take immense pride in fostering well-rounded individuals and nurturing their talents to excel in various fields. As a testament to our commitment to sports, our students have once again showcased their exceptional marksmanship at the prestigious 48th Tamil Nadu State Shooting Championship held in Madurai from 11th to 23rd July 2023.

A Culture of Sports Excellence

Sports form an integral part of our comprehensive education system at GSIS. We believe that sports instill essential life skills, including discipline, determination, teamwork, and leadership. Among the various sports we excel in, shooting sports hold a special place as we have consistently produced outstanding marksmen and markswomen who have achieved remarkable feats in various shooting championships.

Championing Sportsmanship and Dedication

The 48th Tamil Nadu State Shooting Championship witnessed the participation of seven exceptional students from GSIS, who demonstrated their exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to the sport. The championship proved to be an opportunity for our students to put their skills to the test and compete at the highest level of marksmanship.

Triumphant Performances

Our students left an indelible mark at the championship, with Sudarshan Karbari emerging as a shining star. Sudarshan showcased his marksmanship skills in the Peep Sight Air Rifle ISSF category, securing a commendable bronze medal in the Sub Youth Men’s Individual Championship. Furthermore, in the other three events, Sudarshan’s performance remained noteworthy, securing an impressive 13th rank.

Pre-National Selection Triumph

In a remarkable achievement, all six participants from the rifle event have qualified for the Pre-National (South Zone) level, setting the stage for their journey towards higher recognition in the sport. Their hard work, dedication, and perseverance have borne fruit, and we applaud their outstanding feat.

The GSIS Champions

  1. Sudarshan Karbari – Peep Sight Air Rifle ISSF (Bronze Medal in Sub Youth Men’s Individual Championship, 13th Rank in other events)
  2. Jenil Sardara
  3. Rishi Aggarwal
  4. Dhanush Kunta Reddy
  5. Nishi Dobariya
  6. Rishu Advika

NR Boys’ Team

Our NR boys’ team exhibited exemplary teamwork and skill, securing the 8th rank in the Sub Youth Men’s category and the 10th rank in the Youth Men’s category.

  1. Jenil Sardara
  2. Rishi Aggarwal
  3. Dhanush Kunta Reddy

Join the GSIS Shooting Legacy

For students with a passion for shooting sports, GSIS provides the perfect platform to pursue their dreams and excel in marksmanship. We invite aspiring shooters to be a part of our legacy of excellence and embark on a journey towards becoming champions.

Celebrating Success

The achievements of our students at the Tamil Nadu State Shooting Championship fill us with immense pride and joy. We celebrate their success and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and accomplishments in the world of shooting sports.

Congratulations to our GSIS champions!