1. Value Education :

To create a climate that encourages freedom of thought while inculcating the savor of self-discipline, punctuality, fair play and industry.

2. Home away from home :

To actualise a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere where a right proportion of care and control is administered catering to the emotional and intellectual needs of a child.

3. Academic excellence :

To nurture heuristic, lifelong learners and who excel in conventional academic demands; explore and discover the inter-connectivity of disciplines and grow into active generators of knowledge.

4. Co-curricular activities :

To ensure that ALL students gain experience, and appreciate ALL the creative and performing arts thereby promoting the acquisition of team spirit and development of individual skills needed for a holistic growth.

5. Teaching strategy :

To practice tailored teaching strategies incorporating latest technology to facilitate the diverse learning styles and intelligence quotients of the student.

6. Community service :

To disseminate awareness of environmental concerns and humanitarian issues and kindle a sense of responsibility towards the amelioration of the needy by working with charity organizations.

7. Technology :

To allow opportunities for a guided, constructive and age-appropriate use of technology and other resources within and throughout the academic programme.

8. Individual attention :

To discover the latent potential in each child through individual attention and providing them with opportunities to hone them to their full potential.

9. Counselling :

To monitor a complementary growth of social, cognitive and spiritual facets of a child and aid in making fulfilling life and career choices.

10. Multicultural :

To foster respect for and tolerance of other cultures and creed by creating a multicultural and secular ambience.

11. To grow from strength to strength :

To conduct periodic review of all programmes and procedures to ensure consistency and continuous improvement in line with the ideals espoused in the Mission statement and  in the Motto of the school.


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  • https://gsis.ac.in/galleryimages/September2017/gallery_727_201709181401100.301211001505723470.jpg
    Mr Bharat Joshi

    “ What a wonderful visit. Good Shepherd is an educational oasis, set in this idyllic location, it appears to be providing a 21st century education – 3D printer and all – to create global citizens and future leaders. I leave wiser, albeit 1 kg heavier.”

    -- Mr Bharat Joshi, British Deputy High Commissioner & Head of Mission, Chennai

  • https://gsis.ac.in/galleryimages/October2017/gallery_770_201710081020220.053356001507438222.jpg
    Gopal B Hosur

    “Just amazed!! I was here to be a speaker at GSMUN 2017. The campus, the architecture and facilities created for the students’ overall development are models for the rest to follow. This could not have been possible but for the vision, the dedication, the devotion with which it is built by Dr P C Thomas Sir. The commitment and dedication of the staff are seen to be believed. A wonderful experience and an education in itself. Wishing GSIS all the best!! ” 

    -- Mr Gopal B Hosur, IPS (Retd),  Former Inspector General of Police, Former Head of Karnataka State Intelligence


  • https://gsis.ac.in/galleryimages/October2017/gallery_769_201710081015270.615518001507437927.jpg
    Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi

    “My admiration, my thanks and my best wishes to the most splendid school, its students and inspirational Founder and his associates.” 

    -- Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi, IAS (Retd), Former Indian Diplomat, Former Governor of Bihar and West Bengal


  • https://gsis.ac.in/galleryimages/June2017/gallery_97_201706241344400.520482001498292080.jpg
    Ms Ruchira Ghosh

    “The experience of attending and speaking at the Investiture and Graduation Ceremony today is quite hard to express in words. The journey of Dr Thomas in bringing this remarkable school to its present milestone speaks volumes of his visionary ambition, unfettering spirit and the impeccable attention to detail. Thank you Dr Thomas and Mrs Thomas for welcoming me warmly to the GSIS family and I wish the school further heights and more accolades!"

    -- Ms. Ruchira Ghosh, Regional Director for South Asia, Cambridge International Examinations

  • https://gsis.ac.in/galleryimages/June2017/gallery_95_201706241333310.966868001498291411.jpg
    Sir William Mark Tully

    “It has been a great privilege to be asked to speak to the students of this remarkable school.”

    -- Sir William Mark Tully, Former Bureau Chief of BBC

  • https://gsis.ac.in/galleryimages/June2017/gallery_89_201706241037510.484409001498280871.jpg
    Mr Satnam Jit Singh

    “Sheer delight and privilege to visit an educational institute of such high standard. Can be easily rated as the best in the country and one of the best globally. Thank you, Dr Thomas for this opportunity.” 

    -- Mr. Satnam Jit Singh, IFS (Retd)


  • https://gsis.ac.in/galleryimages/June2017/gallery_94_201706241328180.627793001498291098.jpg
    Mr Madhusudan Ganapathi

    “A very enlightening visit to one of the finest institutions. I have seen many but there is none other than GSIS. The facilities, the faculty and the atmosphere provide an excellent opportunity to provide the best of knowledge and beyond. And the GSMUN is an excellent idea, conducted professionally and proficiently.
    Thank you for inviting us. Thank you Dr P C Thomas and Mrs Elsamma Thomas. Congratulations. All the very best and God bless!”

    -- Mr. Madhusudan Ganapathi, IFS (Retd)

  • https://gsis.ac.in/galleryimages/April2018/gallery_954_201804231136480.555594001524463608.jpg
    Mr Gerry Arathoon

    “I’ve had the opportunity of visiting many schools in India and abroad, but I am yet to visit a school better organized than Good Shepherd International School; its marvellous infrastructure, its educational, co-curricular, health and sports facilities have greatly impressed me. GSIS is a school the CISCE can indeed be proud of. Both the Investiture and Graduation ceremonies were excellently organized. My wife, Anita and I wish to thank both Dr Thomas and Mrs Elsamma Thomas for their most gracious, kind and warm hospitality, shown to us during our visit. May GSIS be a lighthouse of service, love, peace and communal harmony to its neighbour!”

    --  Mr Gerry Arathoon, Chief Executive and Secretary, CISCE, New Delhi 

  • https://gsis.ac.in/galleryimages/November2017/gallery_807_201711181014220.537372001510980262.jpg
    Smt. Nirupama Rao & Shri. Sudhakar Rao

    Our visit to the GSIS has been memorable in so many ways. Dr. Thomas and his gracious wife Elsamma, personify the best in human kindness, warmth, dignity and grace. Their hospitality has made us feel truly at home. The GSIS is a model institution, and the care and dedication with which it has been built, brick by brick , over the years, shines through every arch and alcove. The students are so energetic and filled with good cheer. The Founder’s day celebrations were a feast for the eyes and ears.  GSIS sets a very high bar for other schools to emulate. May you continue to inspire others to learn from the power of your example. Your vision and commitment make us proud.

    --      Smt. Nirupama Rao,Former Foreign Secretary and retired Ambassador of India

            Shri. Sudhakar Rao,Former Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka