Other Amenities

The Shepherd’s Farm

The Shepherd’s Farm is situated about 60 kms away from the school, near Gudalur. This integrated farm has about 30,000 egg layers and broiler chickens, 50 cows, and 20 acres of land growing vegetables and fruits organically, most of which are reared or cultivated primarily for school use. The farm also produces coffee, cardamom and pepper for school use.

An industrial laundry unit provides washing, dry cleaning and ironing facilities entirely for school use. The farm also provides a site for camping which is a part of the Adventure and Mountaineering Course and other opportunities for education outside the classroom.

Thomson Tours and Travels

The travel arrangements of all the students for winter and summer vacations are managed by Thomson Tours and Travels, an agency that functions from that Good Shepherd Knowledge Village in the Nilgiris.