Safety and Security

Disaster Management and Crisis Control

At GSIS, each one on campus is trained to make safety not only a habit, but a culture. The school is associated with a government authorized third-party training agency to equip students and staff to handle unexpected events or incidents.  All members of staff and students are trained on aspects of Fire Safety, Disaster Management and Crisis Control. This helps them become more aware and equipped with the necessary information to identify and prevent hazards and execute evacuation strategies during emergencies. 

Security Services

The security services of GSIS comprise two categories: physical manning of the campus, and virtual surveillance of the campus.

Physical Manning Services

The physical manning services of the campus is outsourced to a third-party security services company to provide manpower for guarding services of the campus 24/7, 365 days of the year. There are 70 guards, 6 supervisors and 1 Security Officer deployed and assigned duties on various locations across the campus for guarding, patrolling, monitoring and protecting the safety and security of the students, staff and property of the campus. The security personnel are well-trained and equipped to handle any emergency and threats to the school and personnel on campus.

Virtual Surveillance

For virtual surveillance of the campus, a CCTV system is in place to monitor activities, keep records and collect evidence in case of any unwarranted events. There are around 500 IP cameras installed in and around campus for surveillance purposes. The CCTV monitoring room is controlled by the School’s Information Technology team to ensure that the confidentiality and security of the data is maintained at all times, and any irregularities are brought to the notice of the management for action.