Spotlight on Excellence: Good Shepherd International School Featured in “Great Indian Residential Schools” on Disney+ Hotstar

In an exciting development for the Good Shepherd International School (GSIS) community, our esteemed institution is now starring in the Disney+ Hotstar series, “Great Indian Residential Schools.” This series, a collaboration with EdStead, delves into the lives and cultures of India’s top residential schools, showcasing their commitment to educational excellence—and GSIS is proud to be among the featured schools.

A Visual Journey Through GSIS

“Great Indian Residential Schools” brings the dynamic environment of GSIS into the limelight, capturing our vibrant school spirit and the everyday magic of our campus life. From our lively classrooms and bustling corridors to our expansive playgrounds, the series paints a vivid picture of our school community. This coverage is not just a showcase but a celebration of the hard work and dedication of our students, teachers, and staff members, whose efforts are now being recognized on a national platform.

An Invitation to Experience GSIS on Screen

We extend an enthusiastic invitation to all our students, parents, and staff to view this special feature. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the entire GSIS community to come together, watch our school in action, and share in the pride of our collective accomplishments. We encourage everyone to gather their families, prepare some snacks, and enjoy a show that’s much more than entertainment—it’s a testament to our shared achievements and a source of inspiration for what we can all accomplish together.


Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm. We are excited to see you on the screen, sharing in this fantastic portrayal of our school’s spirit and dedication.

Watch the episode here

Good Shepherd International School is more than just a place of learning; it is a vibrant community that shines brightly, far and wide, even into your living rooms through the screens of Disney+ Hotstar. Join us in celebrating this exceptional recognition of our beloved school.

A Nostalgic Call to Our Alumni

For our alumni, this feature serves as more than just a visual treat; it’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane and a chance to reconnect with the place where many cherished memories were made. See how your alma mater has evolved and how it continues to uphold its legacy of excellence. We hope this will be a moment of pride and joy that you can share with fellow alumni, perhaps turning a viewing into a mini-reunion, celebrating the past and the present of GSIS.

Join Us in Celebrating GSIS

Tune into Disney+ Hotstar to watch “Great Indian Residential Schools,” featuring Good Shepherd International School. Let’s all enjoy the show and bask in the pride of being part of this remarkable community. For our alumni, don’t forget to reconnect through our dedicated platform at GSIS Alumni to stay updated and involved with the school community.