Student Policies


Giving money or gifts to the staff members is prohibited.


While a student is under the care of the school, the Resident Medical Officer will be making all decisions with regard to the medical well-being of the child. In case of any emergencies, the parent will be contacted via telephone and in writing by the Resident Medical Officer at the earliest possible, but first response will be to ensure the health and safety of the child. The consent of the parent/guardian will be sought in writing if any surgery is to be performed on a student or if the child needs to be referred to an out hospital or a specialist. However, in case of a life emergency, on the advice of the Resident Medical Officer, the school reserves the right to give proxy consent on behalf of the parent to carry out life-saving surgery or treatments. This will be resorted to only when time is at a premium and it is difficult for the school to contact the parent/guardian. The school will not be held responsible for any injury suffered by a student, for his/ her accidental loss of life during activities such as games, sport, gymnastics, boxing, swimming, sailing / boat pulling, mountaineering expedition and camping. A declaration that the school authorities will not be held responsible for any adverse consequences thereof is a statutory requirement expected of the parents.

Medical Records

The complete medical records of the child / ward must be furnished to the school at the time of admission. The medical report that is submitted must contain all the relevant medical information related to the child since birth. If a child is under the care of a pediatrician or another specialist for a particular medical issue, this must be declared to the school and all details of such care must be furnished to the Resident Medical Officer of the school. The RMO of the school reserves the right to contact such medical care professionals to get further details about the health of the child and to consult with him/her as and when needed if any concerns arise. Consent from the parent/guardian must be given in such situations at the time of admission.

Medical and Health Care

The school has two infirmaries with two (2) Resident Medical Officers and seven (7) experienced and trained Staff Nurses. The infirmaries are well equipped with 40 beds each for boys and girls, a full-fledged quarantine centre with 20 beds each for boys and girls, 2 dispensaries, a HDU, a minor surgical care unit, Dental clinic and Ophthalmology room. Both the dentist and the ophthalmologist visit the school twice a week.
Children are examined at the beginning of each term by the School Doctor and the School Dentist. Reports of the examination are sent to the parents of children who require treatment. The school is tied up with specialists in Ooty and in Coimbatore, and the students are taken to them if required.
All medicines brought by the students from home must be kept in the hospital and will be taken by the students under the supervision of the staff nurses. No student is permitted to keep any kind of medication, herbs, vitamins, supplements etc., in their possession while at school. The school authorities reserve the right to refer a student to any specialist for treatment or operation when the need arises, and when time is at a premium. In all normal cases, the parents will be consulted before such action is taken.

Non-payment of Fees

The school reserves the right to strike the name of a student off the Roll or keep the child in the boarding houses without attending classes at school for non-payment of fees. If fees in full is not received by the school on or before 9:00 am on the due date, the school will not register the student for any external examinations through the school. If fees are not received by the school by the due date, interest will be charged at 2% per mensem.

Travel Arrangement

For all major school breaks like summer vacation and winter vacation, the school arranges escort services to many of the major cities. Arrangements for travel through the school must be made through Thomson Tours and Travels and all payments are to be made on time. Late payments will accrue an interest charge of 2% per mensem.

Visit by Parents/Guardians

Parents/Guardians can visit their ward/s during the mid-term break and weekend outings only. In exceptional cases and in emergencies they may visit their wards after obtaining written permission from the Principal. Only parents and Guardians are allowed to take the children out of the school. The identity card entitles a person to visit a student only and not to take the student out.


A guardian (local) appointed for a student must be a family member. NO outsiders will be permitted to meet the student or pick up the child from school during breaks. Guardians must be authorized by the parent at the time of admission and can only be changed at the beginning of an Academic Year and not just before a break. All guardians must bring a photo ID (Aadhar Card/Driver’s License) which must match what is already given in the student file.

Procedures for collection of Students by others during vacation

Parents must come in person to collect their ward/s for mid-term break and vacations. Only Guardians authorized by the parent at the beginning of an Academic Year (or at the time of admission) may pick up a child if the parent is unavailable to come to school. Students will not be sent home with taxi drivers and other office staff sent by the parent. If the guardian is picking up the child, it must be the individual named on the student file and the guardian may be required to attend the PTM with the child’s teachers.

Money, Tucks and Other Contraband Items

Tucks, eatables, chewing gums, perfumes, gel, electronic items and other costly items are not permitted to be brought into the school. Any items that are not on the permitted list will be confiscated from the student. Parents are required to supervise the packing of their ward’s suitcase and ensure that no contraband items are packed. The items confiscated will not be returned to the parents or to the students, and will instead be donated to a nearby orphanage or old age home. Although there is no provision for tuck shop, the school arranges to provide children with all their requirements throughout the term. All snacks and treats will be provided at school to every child equally.

Smoking & Alcohol

Smoking (including e-cigarettes) and consumption of alcohol is strictly banned within the school premises for the students, parents, guardians and visitors. Any child caught smoking at school or outside school (in school uniform) or in and around Ooty during breaks, will be expelled immediately and issued a TC with the remark “expelled for misconduct”. GSIS has a zero tolerance policy towards smoking and alcohol.

Working Days

As GSIS, being a fully residential school, only the Indian Independence Day and Republic Day are observed as holidays, and all other days during the term are treated as working days for all practical purposes.

Wearing of Uniform during journey

All students must wear the school uniform during journeys while travelling from and to the school.


A student will be detained only once in a particular class. If the student concerned does not make substantial improvement to be promoted to the next class in the next promotion examination, he/she will have to be withdrawn from the school.

Coloured Dress

Coloured dress is permitted to be worn by the entire school only on the Diwali day. On all other festival days children will be in the normal school uniform. Sundays are noted as a regular day off and children may be dressed in coloured clothing on that day.

Weekend Outing

Children are not permitted to go out with parents and guardians on regular weekends. There are specifically marked long weekends (every six weeks or so) where parents may take their children out for the weekend. This is already marked on the Academic Calendar and parents must strictly adhere to these dates only. Parents are invited to join their child on his/her birthday at school for the celebration and can take their child out for dinner and the night on that day only. The student must report back to school before 8:00am the following day in order not to miss classes and be marked absent. Guardians of students are not allowed to take the children out on their birthdays.

Telephone Calls

Students are not permitted to make outgoing calls from the school. Frequent telephone calls from parents are discouraged since it interferes with the academic schedules of the student. Twice weekly video calls at specific timings (section-wise) have been scheduled by the school. One of these weekly video calls will always be on a Sunday in order to make it easier for parents who are both working. The other call will be mid-week and according to the section of the child.


Parcels are strongly discouraged at school. Parents may send only medicines and textbooks to the students, and such parcels must be addressed to the Section Coordinators concerned. No parcels will be delivered directly to the student. All items required for the term at school should be packed and sent with the child to school – only additional medication or urgent items will be accepted by the coordinators on behalf of the student.

Late Arrivals

Students who arrive later either at the time of re-opening or after mid-term breaks are liable to pay a penalty of Rs. 30,000/- per day. All students must report no later than 5pm on the day given by the school after a break. GSIS does not permit students to be dropped off before 7am and after 5pm to the campus. Handwritten doctor certificates in support of late arrivals will not be accepted. The onus to prove a medical reason for late arrival rests with the parents.


Parents are requested to inform the school well in advance of their decision to withdraw their child/children from Good Shepherd International School. The under mentioned regulations will be applicable:

  • Request for withdrawal should be sent by an e-mail or letter duly signed by the Parent and addressed to the Principal, Good Shepherd International School.
  • There will be no levy of a Fine for the withdrawal request submitted on or before 31st January every year, for the forthcoming Academic Year.
  • If the request for withdrawal for the upcoming Academic Year is submitted on or before 28th February of a year, a sum of Rs. 25,000/- will be levied as a fine for late withdrawal.
  • In case the request for withdrawal for the upcoming Academic Year is submitted on or before 31st March of a year, a sum of Rs. 50,000/- will be levied as a fine for late withdrawal.
  • For withdrawal requests submitted after 31st March, the full fee for the First Term of the following Academic Year will have to be paid.
  • If the withdrawal request is submitted after 30th April, the full fee for the entire Academic Year will have to be paid.
  • For the withdrawal of a newly-admitted child at the request of the Parent after one month or during the Academic Year, only the Caution Deposit will be refunded after deducting both the 1st and 2nd term fees and other dues if any.
  • If there is a withdrawal in-between the terms or during the Academic Year, both the Term fees will have to be paid in full in order to receive a Transfer Certificate.
  • If a student fails to report back to school after Vacation or Mid-Term break and is unwilling to continue in the school, both the Term fees will have to be paid.
  • If the dues are not paid as per the aforementioned stipulated regulations, the same will be deducted from the Caution Deposit and the TC for the student will be withheld until such time as all the dues have been cleared.
  • The above-mentioned regulations are applicable for all the newly admitted students, during the academic year.
  • Students who wish to rejoin the school after the issuance of Transfer Certificate will be considered as ‘New Admission’. Please note that only the Registration Fee will be exempted.
  • Please note that the Transfer Certificate will be issued only after the full and final settlement of all dues.