Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Eating Smart!

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Eating Smart!

November 14th wasn’t just another day – it was World Diabetes Day! On this special occasion, our global community united in a festive spirit, not just to cut the cake but to strike a balance with the sugar in it too. And you know what’s even more exciting? Our school is on a mission to turn this day into a lip-smackingly fun celebration, just as enjoyable as your favorite candy – minus the sugar crash!

Become a Label Detective!

Have you ever flipped a snack package and seen the tiny letters that seem like a secret code? That’s the sneak peek into what’s actually inside your munchies! We’re turning you into label detectives, masters at spotting hidden sugars and the champions of choosing wisely!


Commercials love to make sugary snacks look like the superheroes of snack-time. But we’re smarter than that, right? We’re grooming you into ad-busters, those who can see right through those sugary lies to spot the true health heroes!

The Magic Menu Makeover!

What if your cafeteria was a wizard’s kitchen where every dish is a magical combo of delish and nutrish? That’s what we’re whipping up with our magic menu makeover! Our kitchen is our cauldron, and we’re stirring up some seriously tasty spells!

The Fizzy Drink Fizz-Out!

Your beverage should be like your trusty sidekick in a superhero story – there to keep you hydrated and happy, not hidden with sugars! We’re trading in fizzy, sugary drinks for power-packed potions like infused waters and smoothies.

Smart Snack Selectors

Ready to play the most exciting game ever? Where YOU are the hero in a quest of epic snacking decisions! It’s all about scoring big with your body and mind – fruits and whole grains are your power-ups!

The Plate Method Adventure!

Imagine your plate is a treasure map. Each section has a clue – veggies, proteins, grains, and fruits. Can you fill each part for the ultimate treasure – a balanced meal?

The Happy Eating Space!

We’ve turned our dining area into a happy eating space, where every bite feels like a picnic with friends. It’s a place where choosing carrots over candy just feels natural.

The Farm-to-Table Secret Passage!

Our school’s got a secret passage straight from the farm to your table – our very own in-house farm! We’re growing greens without the long travel, so they’re bursting with freshness and nutrients.

The Lightning-Fast Food Journey!

Why wait for your food to travel the world when it can be on your plate super fast? Our farm-to-fork express means your veggies are as fresh as a morning breeze!

So, get ready to join us on this fantastical foodie journey! We’re not just about treats and sweets – we’re about treats that treat you right! Let’s eat smart, play hard, and celebrate the joy of mindful eating in the most delicious way possible.

Happy eating and smart snacking to all our young gourmets!

Let’s make every meal a celebration of taste and health!


Arpita Jagashetty 

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist 

Nutrition and Wellness Specialist