GSIS Academics
Technology Integration

Integrating learning with fun – once a dream of educators- is effectively achieved through technological aid. Catering to different styles of learning, with adult supervision can be advantageous to young minds as kinaesthetic learners stand to benefit more. The stimulating  impulses that the brain receives transform boring, mind-boggling sessions to be more exciting and interesting. The use of technological aid gives an additional edge to all learners with the high achievers being exposed to different outlook while the academically weaker students stay motivated. This gives a strong foothold to the learning curves. Moreover, the future citizens of tomorrow will be well equipped to enter the work force with confidence. 
Smartboards used in our classrooms support a wide variety of learning styles. Softwares like smart notebook, smart sync, smart response and devices like smart document cameras give opportunities for the students to share and participate in the instructional process thereby making the teaching and learning process more effective. The interactive learning tools like Autograph, Geogebra, Geometer’s sketchpad are also used extensively. 
Managebac, a widely-used planning and assessment platform is being used by our students for better assessments of their IAs, EEs and TOK projects. 

BridgeU is a university and careers guidance platform that our students can use to research and apply to university destinations worldwide. Students can create a profile within BridgeU, explore university matches tailored to their personal preferences and build their entire university application within the platform. BridgeU helps our students to focus and organise their university research, and ensures that they stay on top of important deadlines in the university application process.

For proper understanding of one's aptitude and strengths, for proper planning of one’s academic choices and career, GSIS provides Naviance; a career readiness platform for the students. 
The school has membership in a wide variety of online resources ranging from IB OCC through CIE teacher support resources to online libraries like Questia, British Library and so on.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating - goes the saying. The students should not be tested in isolation where the tests are catered for specific needs and abilities of the learners. Bearing this in mind, and  the immense opportunities that awaits a learner in the future, our students should be able to easily float in any environment they choose to study. Hence it becomes imperative to check their achievements with the counterparts elsewhere in the country and in the world. With this broader aim in mind, the Curriculum Development Unit of the GSIS initiates standardized tests, and the outcome is relayed to the concerned professionals to mend, update and sharpen their expertise in the field of teaching and learning. This makes the teaching learning process a continuous one.