150-acre Campus
40+ Co-curricular
Boarding Facilities

‘An investment in education gives the best returns.’

~Benjamin Franklin

Consistently ranked among India’s best fully-residential international schools with a verdant 150-acre campus, a wide range of activities and highly-qualified teachers, we believe in creating a culture that provides your child with the best possibilities, facilities, and extraordinary care.

Academic Programmes

We offer an Indian curriculum with an ISC programme, an internationally-recognized Cambridge curriculum (CP, CS, and IGCSE), and International Baccalaureate (PYP, MYP and Diploma Programme) for Grade 3-12 students from over 30 countries across the world.

Admission Fees

The admission fees at Good Shepherd International School depends on the school division which the student enters into. The fees include a registration fee, an establishment fee, a caution deposit and a term fee.


Registration Fee

For students who are exploring the entry and admission requirements, a registration fee will be payable while submitting the application.


Caution Deposit

Upon acceptance of GSIS admission offer, caution deposit will be payable by bank transfer or demand draft. It is refunded after a student leaves GSIS, subject to school regulations and the adjustment of dues, if any.


Establishment Fee

For new students accepted and enrolled, GSIS Establishment Fee shall be payable prior to or at the time of enrollment.


Term Fee

Payable before the beginning of every school term, the amount of term fee depends on which school division and education programme the student has enrolled in.

Academic, Boarding, and Other Facilities

Smart Classrooms

At GSIS, students gain exposure to different learning styles that includes SMART classrooms (SMART boards, LED panels, Wi-fi connectivity, laptops) and well-equipped Science, Math, Computer, and Language labs.

Boarding and Safety

With world-class boarding facilities and 24×7 safety, GSIS provides a complete eco-system to nurture and carve a child’s personality.  Our comfortable and home-like boarding houses are equipped with television, music systems, and indoor games facilities to maintain a healthy balance between academic discipline and relaxation.

Food and Dining

The school has three separate kitchens and dining halls catering to vegetarians, non-vegetarians and Jains. GSIS serves up a melting pot of foods and flavours through Asian, Continental, Lebanese, and Italian meals, most of which are prepared using fresh produce from our farm and kitchen gardens.

Medical Facilities

The school is equipped with state-of-the-art medical infrastructure with two hospitals, two fully equipped ambulances and an expert residential medical team to provide first aid and emergency care to students and staff.

Co-curricular Activities

Spread over 150 acres of lush land, GSIS provides students with access to the latest and exclusive indoor and outdoor sports, music, arts, and other recreational facilities within the campus to cater to their social, physical and emotional growth.

Tuition and Fees

Grade 3-5


Primary Year Programme
Total (INR) per annum

Grade 3-5

10.5 – 12.5 lakh

Grade 6-8


IGCSE & MYP Programme
Total (INR) per annum

ICSE Programme
Total (INR) per annum

Grade 6 to 8

12.5 – 15.5 Lakh

9.5 – 12 Lakh

Grade 9-10


IGCSE & MYP Programme
Total (INR) per annum

ICSE Programme
Total (INR) per annum

Grade 9 & 10

16.5 – 17 Lakh

13.5 Lakh

Grade 11-12


IBDP Programme
Total (INR) per annum

ISC Programme
Total (INR) per annum

Grade 11 & 12

18.5 Lakh

14.5 Lakh

  1. The range of total fees includes the term fees which vary for every grade as we go higher. For a detailed fee structure, please reach out to admissions@gsis.ac.in.
  2. The above fee structure is exclusive of the following one-time fees.
    Registration Fee: 15,000 INR
    Establishment Fee: 1,00,000 INR
    Caution Deposit: 2,50,000 INR (refundable)
  3. This fee structure is applicable for AY 2023-24.


For information on how to make a payment, including our bank details, please click here.