Vision and Mission


At Good Shepherd International School, we have adopted a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to education that seeks to create a community of progressive, lifelong learners who view learning as an instrument for the all-inclusive development of an individual, and not just as a means to attain academic goals.

We constantly endeavour to prepare our students for academic, social and personal success by enabling them to achieve their highest potential. Our aim is to create an educational environment that cultivates global awareness and nurtures intercultural friendships in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, and trust.


Our mission is to develop strong individuals and leaders, equipped with the right skills to achieve success in their lives – we want our students to grow into confident, passionate and authentic individuals with a strong sense of justice and fairness in society, the ability to connect and communicate effectively, and the conviction to go out into the world and succeed in their chosen paths.

At GSIS, our motto, “Truth, Trust and Triumph,” is at the heart of every student’s life and learning. We continually strive towards creating a community that is progressive and open-minded, while inculcating traditions, values and culture. We offer our students a warm, supportive and nurturing environment that gives them a greater sense of belonging with their peers and the school community, and an active routine that utilizes our cutting edge infrastructure that facilitates learning and development.

We have embraced a secular perspective in teaching while being deeply respectful of individual faiths and always instilling in our students a love for worship, prayer and respect for all living beings. One of our core objectives is to inspire a lifelong love for learning in every student at GSIS that instils in them a spirit of inquiry, curiosity and creativity and prepares them to confront the challenges of the future with confidence, enthusiasm and fortitude, paving the way for personal growth and success.