PYP Graduation Ceremony

When our little ones celebrated the first milestone in their academic journey

On 8th May, our little ones celebrated the PYP Graduation ceremony – a significant milestone in the life of our Grade 5 students, as they transition to the Middle Year Program (MYP). It was absolutely delightful to see our young learners in the blue gown and caps! The Graduation ceremony sets the stage for the next phase of their journey along the IB continuum, acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of  our PYP 5 learners and giving them the opportunity to share their memorable classroom experiences. Mr.  Jacob Thomas, President, GSIS;  Mrs. Sara Jacob, Senior Vice-President, Student & Staff Welfare, and Mrs. Sheila Alexander, Principal GSIS, distributed the special awards and certificates to our accomplished students who demonstrated excellence in IB Learner profile attributes. The spectacular bollywood dance performance by 4th graders lit up the occasion. 

A splendid dinner party was organized as part of the Graduation Ceremony. The dinner party was a conscious opportunity planned for our young graduates, to develop their social skills, make new relationships, and build connections with the people around them, while encouraging them to develop a sense of community, intercultural understanding, and be open-minded individuals. Needless to say, our students had a sumptuous dinner, and it was a truly wonderful experience for them!

PYP Exhibition 2023: Celebrating the Power of Learning

The PYP Exhibition was the precursor to our PYP Graduation ceremony, and it was a really special one! On April 12th, our corridors buzzed with energy and excitement as our Grade 5 students  showcased  their learning journey to their fellow students, parents and visitors at the PYP Exhibition 2023. The event is held in the final year of PYP,  and offers students the wonderful opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of real-world local and global issues. The exhibition involves independent yet collaborative inquiry by students, which displays their competence, responsibility for their own learning, and an in-depth understanding of all of the elements of the PYP. 

At the exhibition, our students of Grade 5 explored the theme “Sharing the Planet’ through an array of activities and forms of expression such as Poster making, Educational games, Art integration, Oral presentations and Performances. Supported by teachers, parents and mentors, all our students enthusiastically took part in the various aspects of the exhibition, including planning, inquiring, investigating, and sharing their learning with the school community. They investigated the negative impact of different kinds of solid waste such as e-waste, medical waste, agricultural waste, food waste and textile waste on the environment and discussed the actions that need to be taken for effective waste management to create a more equitable and sustainable world.  We wholeheartedly thank the parents and teachers whose constant support to our kids, unwavering effort, dedication and commitment made the exhibition a remarkable success!

About IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)

The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) is an international curriculum offered to students in Grades 3 – 5, aged 8 – 11 at Good Shepherd International School. The objective of the PYP programme is to develop learners who are Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced, and Reflective. The PYP programme offers an inquiry-based, student-centered, transdisciplinary curriculum framework. By learning through inquiry, PYP students gain significant knowledge, conceptual understanding, skills and the attributes that make a difference in their own lives, their communities, and beyond. The PYP programme is guided by six transdisciplinary themes of global significance. It broadens their learning by developing their conceptual understanding and strengthens their knowledge and skills across, between and beyond subject areas.