Adventure Sports


The Good Shepherd Mountaineering Institute, only one of its kind in South India, imparts technical training to all the students from Grade IV – XII. The training is an integral part of our co-curricular programme, aimed at instilling prudence and perseverance in students when confronted with life-challenging situations. Instructors from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi, provide students with this highly specialized and rare training programme. Students enjoy their mountaineering experience and long treks, and also spend three nights out camping as a part of this programme.

Horse Riding

The school has a riding club with 30 riding horses and connected infrastructure like stables, show jump facilities and a riding arena. Qualified instructors impart training to the students. The skills learned are displayed during special events at school, and students also take part in competitions held at the Madras Regimental Centre and have made the school proud.