Sports, Games and Exercise

At GSIS, we provide exclusive sporting facilities to ensure the holistic development of every child under our care. The school encourages students to pursue an active lifestyle, and provides the latest facilities for all sports and games to cater to their social, physical and emotional growth. We conduct regular inter-house competitions and provide our students with numerous opportunities to compete in tournaments against other schools, as well as participate in district, state and national level competitions.


The school has an athletic stadium with an eight-lane 400m track and a gallery for 2500 spectators. The facilities include a training ground for jumps, pole vaulting, shot put, discus throw and so on.

Outdoor Sports

The school provides a range of best-in-class outdoor sports facilities including a cricket stadium, two soccer fields, ten basketball courts, two volleyball courts, eight  tennis courts and two hockey fields. Our cricket stadium is the largest in the Nilgiris, and is located at an altitude of 7300ft above MSL, thereby making it one of the highest cricket grounds in the world. 

The school conducts regular inter-house competitions for these sports, and coaches identify talented and interested students for various inter-school competitions. Our teams have bagged several laurels in inter-school, district and state level competitions, and some of our players have also been selected to play at the National level.

Indoor Sports Complex and Gymnasium

There are three indoor sports complexes at the school, and games are encouraged at all times, as physical training should not be limited to the best and suitable weather conditions. Our indoor sports complexes have twenty nine badminton courts, four basketball courts, twenty eight  table tennis tables, two tennis courts, sixteen squash courts and two gymnasiums.


Swimming is one of the few activities which doubles as exercise for the entire body while still being gentle and relaxing for both mind and body. The students of GSIS enjoy a centrally-heated swimming pool of international standards with all modern facilities in the senior campus. Each student is allotted ninety minutes of training per week. Qualified staff members impart training to the students and maintain operational facilities. Our students have taken part in district and state level competitions.

Rifle Shooting

The school has one of the finest rifle shooting training facilities in the country. Two indoor 10m shooting ranges with 32 lanes and electrically operated targets for rifles and pistols have been set up in the campus. Our rifle and pistol shooting teams have participated in state level competitions, and have also bagged several medals at the National level.


The school provides unique opportunities for students to pursue Golf with a full-fledged six-hole golf course and a full-time coach.


Yoga is one of the most recognized ways for enhancing the state of our mind and body. Practising yoga improves physical health, dissipates excess energy, and relieves tiredness. For curious young minds, yoga is a relaxation technique that lengthens their attention span, reduces stress, enhances mental clarity and sharpens concentration. Yoga can produce a calming effect, which helps children get into a frame of mind conducive to learning. The school facilitates one hour of yoga practice sessions everyday for students under the guidance of expert yoga instructors.