Work at GSIS

The quintessential part of holistic learning at GSIS – our highly qualified staff comprises mentors who are experts in their fields and aspire to ensure the development of the students’ academic, social, and extracurricular excellence and well-being. 

Be a part of India’s #1 International Residential School

Good Shepherd International School offers a cutting-edge academic and extracurricular experience to the students, with a culturally diverse international school community of 30 nationalities. 

Why work at GSIS
  • Join India’s #1 International Residential School
    We combine a historic legacy of leadership with exciting innovation in research, education and all-round growth. Our mission at GSIS is to inspire and empower every student to achieve academic and personal excellence.
  • Go global at India’s only co-ed boarding school
    GSIS Ooty offers global exposure along with local traditions to staff and students. We prepare students to excel in their career in any part of the world, while encouraging sound values, mutual respect, and fostering a spirit of giving back to the community.
  • Work in the mountains 
    As India’s #1 international residential school, we are strategically situated in the serene Nilgiris to strengthen our connections with global allies and mother nature. Our homeground, Ooty, has been ranked among the top hill stations with the best AQI in India. With a plethora of outdoor activities being a part of our curriculum, you will be enriched with many exciting travel and professional experiences at GSIS Ooty.
  • Deliver 360 degree learning
    At GSIS, we provide students from all around the world expanded access to a challenging Cambridge International and IB curriculum. We believe that with our glorious past and a pioneering vision, we can bring along a positive change in the future of education.
  • Grow in an inspiring work environment
    With advanced state-of-the-art facilities, well-resourced classrooms and an innovative residential program, we have created a community of talented educators and thinkers at GSIS Ooty. Bring in your expertise and work alongside our creative minds to thrive in your career. 
    GSIS Ooty offers students a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities that ensures their all-round development to realize their goals.
    We offer our teachers and administrative staff competitive salaries and excellent remuneration packages with several perquisites, including wholesome meals, fully furnished accommodation, and education for their children.
We are looking for educators who:
  • Are trained and experienced in their subject of expertise
  • Work with a growth mindset and believe in continually expanding their subject knowledge 
  • Innovates and implements new ways of teaching and learning
  • Contribute to students’ academic, social, co-curricular, and personal excellence 
  • Build trusting relationships with students, keeping in mind their social-emotional well-being in a boarding school environment
  • Collaborate with teams to promote the spirit of curiosity and continuous learning 
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Our teachers

  • When my parents made the decision to send me to a boarding school, I was reluctant but when I finally did, I was over the moon. The staff is caring, kind-hearted, and the school has outstanding facilities.

    Samanyu Mishra
    Class 7, IGCSE
  • I was reluctant to leave my home in Singapore. But as I entered the Palada campus, I was spellbound by the infrastructure and the scenery around me. Today, I realize that our school is the closest thing we’ll ever get to our warm and cozy homes. Our teachers and boarding house parents are family to us.

    Nanjappa Bopanna
    Class 7, IGCSE
  • At GSIS, specific hours are assigned for extracurricular activities and for students to update their CAS and work on EE. All these help in shaping us into proper IB thinkers and enable us to manage our time efficiently.

    Pragathi Prakash
    Class 11, IB
  • When I came from Singapore, I was a little sad and anxious. At GSIS, my life underwent a huge change; my performance in academics and sports has improved significantly and I have made quite a few friends here. The food is delicious and it feels like home.

    Govindu Khushaleshwar
    Class 7, IGCSE
  • The dorm parents and teachers comfort you when you are upset, and there is no reason for us to feel homesick. Moreover, parents are not there to push you; so you need to push yourself.  You learn to become independent.

    Sai Siddhiksha Sakhamuri
    Class 6, IB

Have a look at our current job openings