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Discover a high school program dedicated to global awareness, propelling initiatives that transcend conventional boundaries. In the realm of creativity, our nurturing environment serves as a stage for your artistic brilliance. Beyond mere acceptance, diversity fuels our collective learning in an inclusive community. Explore innovative paths where students shape their future. Enroll in the HSS program, where a dynamic vision doesn’t just educate but transforms aspirations into achievements. Join a community that fosters limitless possibilities for growth and success.

Academic Excellence

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Learning Horizons

Immerse in a dynamic approach, sculpting each student’s potential for success in a globally evolving landscape. Be part of an innovative, diverse, and collaborative atmosphere tailored for a transformative Higher Secondary experience.
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Dive into a diverse array of Extracurricular opportunities, each a gateway to unlocking your distinct potential. These activities form the backdrop for personalized journeys, shaping individual growth and achievements in the Higher Secondary program.
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Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of a
High School Student

Immerse in the vibrant tapestry of a Higher Secondary day, where every moment promises growth and discovery. Navigate a nurturing environment that shapes your path to becoming a well-rounded individual. Feel the energy and equilibrium defining the Higher Secondary journey, from the dawn of intellectual pursuits to the dusk of reflective moments.
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5:45 AM to 8:35 AM

Wake up and get ready for the day before heading to the dining hall. After a healthy breakfast, you are energized and ready to start your classes for the day.
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8:45 AM to 3:45 PM

Grab your backpack and walk over to the academic building. Say hi to your pathway manager before you settle into your first class of the day.
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4:15 PM to 5:30 PM

Engage in the thrill of friendly competition and camaraderie as you select the sports and games that resonate with your passion. Let the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship elevate your experience, creating lasting memories both on and off the playing field.

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Immerse yourself in a realm of tailored facilities, meticulously crafted to amplify the Higher
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Creative Hub

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Admission Process

To initiate your application, please follow these simple steps.



Initial Application

Admissions Interview
and Aptitude Test


View General Conditions of Application

General Conditions of Application

1.Registering the name of the child and attending the interview will not ensure a seat for the child as this depends solely on:
  • The performance of the child in the Interview and Aptitude Test
  • The readiness of the child to join a Residential School
  • The vacancy in the class for which admission is sought

2. Admissions are not open to students in Grade X and XII. 

3. Admissions are open to students in the first term for Grades IV – VIII subject to their Aptitude Test results and the Personal Interview. 
4. The academic reports and Character Certificate from the last school are mandatory for admission.

Schedules to Note

1.The classes for every academic year commence from mid-July.
2. The Aptitude Test and Personal Interview are held on any convenient day between January and June every year.
3. There are two terms per year. The first term is from mid-July to mid-December and the second term is from mid-January to mid-May.
4. These are two vacations in a year: The Winter Vacation from mid-December to the third week of January, and the Summer Vacation from mid-May to mid-July.
5. For more details on yearly events, please go through our Academic Calendar.