IB Manthan 2024 In Collaboration
With The International Baccalaureate​

Inspiring Tomorrow, Shaping Futures: Our Vision For The Future Of Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, IB Manthan 2024 at GSIS emerged as a pivotal force, serving as the catalyst for progress. This event, dedicated to reshaping education for the 21st century and beyond, equipped the next generation with essential tools for thriving in a dynamic future. The journey into the future of education showcased GSIS’s unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of educational innovation.

GSIS – IB Manthan 2024 became a global nexus for educators, providing an invaluable platform to share perspectives on the future of education. Hosting esteemed educators worldwide, the conference fostered collaboration and innovation, creating an environment where best practices were shared. This collective effort aimed at shaping a better future for students.

The profound impact of IB Manthan 2024 resonates within the educational community, fostering a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and shared learning. The lasting effects include insights gained and connections made, influencing the future of teaching and learning approaches.

The IB Manthan 2024 Conference Took Place at
Good Shepherd International School:

Good Shepherd International School, Ootacamund is authorized by the College Board to administer AP Exams.

The IB Manthan 2024 Conference unfolded at Good Shepherd International School, creating a platform for educators worldwide to convene and share insights. Against the picturesque backdrop of Ootacamund, the conference facilitated discussions on the future of education.



11th and 12th January 2024


Good Shepherd International School,
Good Shepherd Knowledge Village,
M. Palada Post · Tamil Nadu · 643004

Meet Our Inspiring Keynote Speakers

Enlightening Perspectives from Visionary Minds

Immerse yourself in thought-provoking insights from our distinguished Keynote Speakers & Workshop Facilitators. Explore the educational landscape through the eyes of these visionaries, as they share experiences, expertise, and innovative approaches that shape the future of learning.

Mental Health for Educators

Ms. Lakshmi Kumar

Founder & Director of The Orchid School, Pune

Join us as Ms. Lakshmi Kumar imparts her insights, drawing from her extensive experience and dedication to enhancing the well-being of educators. This keynote promises to be an enlightening session for those devoted to the noble profession of molding young minds.

Experiential Learning

Mr. Vishwas Parchure

Director of Experiential Leadership Institute

Join us as Mr. Vishwas Parchure shares his insights, drawn from a rich tapestry of experiences, inspiring educators to create engaging and impactful learning environments through the art of experiential teaching.

Early Years Learning

Dr. Swati Popat Vats

Founder President of Early Childhood Association India

Join us as Dr. Swati Popat Vats shares her insights, drawing from her extensive experience and dedication to nurturing young minds. This keynote promises to be an enlightening session for those engaged in the crucial field of early childhood education.

Education and AI

Mr. Jacob Thomas

President of Good Shepherd International School

Join us on a transformative journey guided by Workshop Facilitator, Mr. Jacob Thomas. In this insightful video, Jacob Thomas, President of Good Shepherd International School, shares exclusive secrets and groundbreaking revelations at the IB Manthan 2024 conference.

Unlock the Insights and
Innovations of IB Manthan 2024!

The wealth of groundbreaking ideas and innovations from IB Manthan 2024 is now at your fingertips. Access has been shared with all participants, allowing you to delve into the wealth of knowledge presented during the event. This is your opportunity to explore and stay informed.

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Articulating Student Expectations

Address by School Captain: Shiv Manish Punjabi

Join us on a journey into the heart of IB Manthan 2024 as the School Captain steps into the spotlight, delivering a compelling address to the distinguished audience. This captures a significant moment where leadership, vision, and student perspectives converge on the stage of educational excellence.

Sponsorship Benefits from IB Manthan 2024

Having sponsored the IB Manthan 2024, participants enjoyed a unique opportunity to align their brands with a distinguished assembly of educators, thought leaders, and professionals in the education sector.

As sponsors, they reaped a host of benefits:


Sponsors experienced heightened brand visibility throughout the event, reaching a targeted and engaged audience. This increased exposure had a lasting impact on their brand recognition.


Sponsors took advantage of the opportunity to network with educators, school leaders, and experts, establishing valuable connections and partnerships that extended beyond the event.


By sponsoring, participants effectively showcased their commitment to the field of education, positioning their organizations as leaders dedicated to supporting educational excellence. This demonstrated commitment resonated positively with event attendees.


Sponsors gained privileged access to exclusive sessions and insights, staying at the forefront of the latest trends, best practices, and innovations in education. This unique vantage point allowed sponsors to stay ahead in their commitment to advancing education.