Innovation and Design Lab at GSIS

Innovation and Design Lab at GSIS: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Visionaries

Welcome to the heart of creativity and innovation at GSIS – the Innovation and Design Lab. Here, we delve into the captivating world of DP Design Technology, a program aimed at fostering internationally-minded individuals with an enhanced understanding of design and technology. The goal? To empower our students to contribute to the shared guardianship of the planet and create a better world.

A Creative Fusion: Theory and Practice in Design Technology

At the core of DP Design Technology lies the creative tension between theory and practice. The program focuses on analysis, design development, synthesis, and evaluation. Inquiry and problem-solving take center stage, driving students to use the DP design cycle as a tool for structured inquiry, problem analysis, solution development, testing, and evaluation. In this dynamic environment, a solution is not merely a concept; it’s a model, prototype, product, or system developed independently by our students.

Design Literacy for a Changing World

DP Design Technology at GSIS achieves a high level of design literacy by cultivating critical-thinking and design skills. While designing may take various forms, it involves the selective application of knowledge within an ethical framework. The well-planned design program not only hones practical skills but also nurtures strategies for creative and critical thinking, preparing students for the challenges of a rapidly evolving world.

Design in Group 4 Sciences: The Intersection of Science and Technology

Both science and technology share a fundamental relationship with design, and DP Design Technology recognizes this intersection within the Group 4 Sciences. Technology, having preceded science historically, now relies heavily on scientific understanding. Modern technology, in contrast, involves applying scientific discoveries to create innovative artifacts. The DP Design Technology course at GSIS aims to foster skill development, enabling students to use new and existing technologies to innovate and create new products, services, and systems.

Curriculum that Inspires Innovation

The curriculum at GSIS for DP Design Technology is structured to inspire innovation and critical understanding. Concepts and principles are specified for each topic, with guidance provided for teachers. The course includes examples of international-mindedness, links to other DP subjects, and Theory of Knowledge questions to enrich the syllabus and broaden students’ understanding of the impact of technology and design thinking.

Common Core and Higher Level Exploration

All standard and higher-level students complete a common core, covering aspects like human factors and ergonomics, resource management, sustainable production, modeling, raw material to final product, and innovation and design. Higher-level students explore additional topics such as user-centered design, sustainability, innovation and markets, and commercial production. These higher-level topics aim to deepen their understanding of innovation in design.

Assessment for Excellence

Assessment in DP Design Technology is comprehensive and mirrors real-world design processes. All standard and higher-level students complete a design project as an internal assessment, accounting for 40% of the final assessment. This project allows students to showcase investigative, analytical, design thinking, prototyping, testing, and evaluation skills.

At the HL (Higher Level), the design project extends to include aspects of innovation and is assessed against criteria like detailed development of a commercial product and making choices for commercial production.

Subject Brief: A Glimpse into the Journey

Subject briefs outline the course, providing a snapshot of both standard level (SL) and higher level (HL) components. They highlight the emphasis on practical application, critical thinking, and innovation within the DP Design Technology course at GSIS.

In conclusion, the Innovation and Design Lab at GSIS is not just a physical space; it’s a hub of creativity, critical thinking, and innovation. Through DP Design Technology, we are shaping visionaries who will lead the way in utilizing technology for a sustainable and better future.