GSIS to Host TEDx Event on Sustainability

GSIS to Host the Second Edition of TEDx in September This Year

We are pleased to announce that GSIS will be hosting its second TEDx event on September 23, 2023. TEDx@GSIS, a student-led event, serves as a platform for brilliant speakers from diverse backgrounds to present their innovative, ground-breaking ideas – Ideas Worth Sharing. This event provides an excellent opportunity to enhance engagement between our students, staff, and alumni, fostering conversations, building connections, and promoting a culture of innovation.

TEDx@GSIS: A Convergence of Smart People with Big Ideas

The first edition of the event took place at GSIS on November 15, 2022. Themed ‘Our Identity,’ it delved into the meaning and significance of identity, exploring how individuals strive to shape their unique identities in this rapidly evolving world. With a stellar lineup of speakers from various fields, our audience was enlightened by their personal experiences and thought-provoking ideas on the theme. The interactive discussions between our students and dignitaries were equally delightful, informative, and impactful.

The theme for TEDx 2023: Sustainability

The theme for TEDx 2023 is ‘Sustainability.’ Beyond just being “green,” sustainability entails meeting the current generation’s needs while preserving the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in terms of society, urbanization, and the economy. It also encompasses sustainable personal, educational, and career goals.

Adopting sustainable practices offers significant benefits in the short-term and long-term. To achieve sustainable development, it is essential to harmonize three key elements: Economic Development, Social Inclusion, and Environmental protection.

The exponential progress humans have made over the past centuries raises the critical question of resource conservation for the future. Failure to make sustainable choices can lead to devastating consequences, including the faster depletion of fossil fuels, mass animal species extinction, and irreparable damage to the atmosphere. Our finite resources should be used conservatively and cautiously to ensure there is enough for future generations without compromising our present quality of life.

Achieving sustainability goals involves investing in disruptive practices and green technologies that improve water consumption, enhance air quality, ensure energy security, preserve biodiversity, and minimize the carbon footprint. Organizations and individuals worldwide are demonstrating sustainability as a core value in their policies, daily activities, and behaviors.

The ideas of sustainability are still relatively new to us, whether it is implementing sustainability strategies or assessing the long-term practicality of sustainability goals. The scope of the discussion is wide-open and dynamic.

Currently, we are in the process of curating distinguished speakers for this year’s event. Our team would be delighted to collaborate with anyone interested in delivering a compelling talk centered around the central theme of ‘Sustainability.’

Thank you for your time.