Prize Day 2023: Celebrating Academic Excellence

Prize Day 2023: Celebrating Academic Excellence 

On 20th April, GSIS celebrated the Annual Prize Day – it’s a significant occasion for our students and staff at GSIS, a special day to recognize and celebrate the academic achievements of our meritorious students. The day coincides with the birthday of our beloved Co-Founder and Senior Vice-President, Mrs. Elsamma Thomas. Hemangini Chawla, Girls’ school Captain, delivered the welcome address on occasion, following which Mrs. Elsamma Thomas, Co-Founder & Senior Vice-President, GSIS; Mr. Jacob Thomas, President; and Mrs. Sara Jacob, Senior Vice-President, Student & Staff Welfare distributed the certificates and awards to the students who secured excellent results in the 2022-23 board examinations. Following the splendid cake-cutting ceremony, Mrs. Elsamma Thomas shared words of wisdom and inspiration with the students.  She spoke in length about the importance of perseverance and focusing on the goals to achieve success in life and to take on life’s challenges with grit, determination, and resilience. Shiv Manish Punjabi, Boy’s School Captain, delivered the Expression of Gratitude. 

Ma’am, here’s wishing you a fabulous 73rd birthday!

The story of the incredible growth of GSIS – from a school with a strength of merely 54 students to one with more than 1000 students, is indeed a story of hard work, struggles, sacrifices, painstaking dedication and resilience, and this wouldn’t have been possible without Mrs. Elsamma Thomas — the quiet driving force behind the dynamic and extraordinary vision of her late husband and Principal, Dr. P.C. Thomas. She played a noteworthy role in laying the foundations of this prestigious institution along with her husband, transforming GSIS into India’s best international residential school. 

With her gentle, caring and compassionate demeanour, Mrs. Elsamma Thomas is an embodiment of a mother to the thousands of students as well as the staff at GSIS. A woman of remarkable charisma, humility, fortitude and dedication, Mrs. Elsamma Thomas continues to be the irrefutable force behind the success of GSIS. Over the years, Mrs. Elsamma Thomas has worked tirelessly at the school and in several local and international charitable organizations as well. She was the Charter President of the Rotary Club of Nilgiris West in 2003 and the Assistant Governor of Rotary in the Nilgiris District.

Ma’am, we wish you endless happiness and good health! You continue to be an inspiring role model for us. Wishing you a wonderful 73rd birthday!