Recreational Facilities for PYP at GSIS

Exploring the Wonderland: Recreational Facilities for PYP at GSIS

Welcome to the magical world of recreational facilities designed exclusively for the young stars of our GSIS family, the incredible IB PYP grade 4 and 5 members. Our recreational area is not just a space; it’s a surreal realm where our little champs get to fine-tune their IB profiles and sharpen those ATL (Approaches to Learning) skills, all while having a blast in a playfully educational setting.

A Wonderland of Variety

What sets our recreational facilities apart is the incredible variety they offer. Every visit is a new adventure for our fantastic IB PYP kids as they can choose from a plethora of games, banishing monotony and boredom from the premises. Our goal is to make learning a joyful experience, and the recreational area is a hub of excitement.

Lego Adventures: Crafting Creativity

Kids spend quality time crafting epic Lego designs that boost their creativity to new heights. The colorful bricks become a canvas for imagination, and as they build, they not only have fun but also enhance their problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.

Chess: A Battle of Wits

For those who love a good mental challenge, our chess corner awaits. Engage in a battle of wits, enhancing thinking and decision-making abilities in the most enjoyable way possible. Chess is not just a game; it’s a strategic journey that aligns perfectly with the IB philosophy of developing well-rounded individuals.

Words Come to Life: Scrabble and Pictionary

But wait, there’s more fun in store! Dive into the world of words with Scrabble and Pictionary. These games not only expand their vocabulary bank but also boost confidence as they act out words with their buddies. Learning becomes a social, interactive experience that leaves a lasting impact on their linguistic abilities.

Cozy Corners for Quiet Escapes

For those seeking a quieter escape, our recreational area offers cozy sofas – the perfect spot to unwind. Whether it’s grabbing a book and losing oneself in its pages or catching some television time, the choice is completely theirs. Our students are the agency for their learning, even during their downtime.

Beyond Breaks: A Vibrant Learning Space

Our recreational space isn’t just a break from the classroom routine; it’s a vibrant learning space that takes developing IB profiles and ATL skills to a whole new level. We believe that learning should be holistic, extending beyond textbooks and exams. The recreational facilities at GSIS provide an environment where students learn through play, fostering a love for learning that goes beyond the traditional academic setting.

As the PYP coordinator, I am proud to witness the enthusiasm and joy our students experience in the recreational area. It’s not just a place for games; it’s a space where friendships are formed, creativity flourishes, and a sense of agency over one’s learning journey is cultivated.

Our recreational facilities are a testament to our commitment to providing a well-rounded education that nurtures not only academic excellence but also the overall development of our students. Join us in this journey of exploration, where every visit to our recreational area is a step towards building confident, creative, and curious individuals.

– Bonbon Chakravartee – PYP coordinator